After 32 hours of flying and waiting around airports we arrived at the very modern and sleek looking Tel Aviv airport. Huge and airy with creamy sandstone walls. Everything worked just as it was intended, our baggage arrived after accompanying us on the three flights… crossing your fingers really does help! All of our flights were full with Jerusalem getting busier by the day as the town ramps up for Easter. We’re home by then and will miss all the extra people and traffic on the roads and in the airports, gladly!

Moving to our tour hotel tomorrow morning after spending the first night at the Crowne Plaza will be a little bit of a nuisance but at least we get to see a different area. We had to book an extra night due to the closure of the old Istanbul airport and couldn’t get an extra night at the tour base hotel, very close to the Old city of Jerusalem. It’s Sabbath tonight and tomorrow resulting in many restaurants and cafes being closed, so we’ve arranged to have dinner and then breakfast in the morning at the hotel dining room.

From our balconies a sea of creamy brick apartments, offices and homes decorate the hills. A dramatic gateway type structure, called King David’s Harp, rises up into the sky signalling the trams’ route. Hopefully it will be lit up tonight in glorious colours waiting for a photo, or two or three, to be snapped.

Istanbul airport was very busy, and not particularly sparkling in Singapore airport style, but added to that was the fact that the shop owners were packing up and getting ready to transfer all their stock to the new airport tomorrow. Passing through the new airport on the way home will be interesting but due to our arrival a few minutes after midnight we may not get to see too much of the new setup. A funny sight this afternoon was watching a couple of guys cleaning the windscreen of the aircraft from the boarding gate. We wondered if they had to spit and polish all the other windows too!

So tonight will consist of dinner followed by a collapse into bed! For those of us who find sleeping on planes almost impossible, a bed is looking very inviting. Tomorrow presents us with a new day to venture out into a city that promises to be rich in history with lots of fascinating things to see and wonder at. A meeting at 6.00pm will signal the start of the tour and a chance to meet the other members of our ‘intrepid’ band of explorers.

One thought on “Jerusalem

  1. What an interesting looking landscape. The gateway thing is very cool. Glad to hear you’re there safely and are ready to kick off the exploring!


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