Farewell and Shalom Israel

Our last day in Israel. Our transfer is at 6.15pm so we have a full day to wander about. Breakfast at the hotel and then we caught a taxi for 50 shekels up to the old port city of Jaffa. Unfortunately the sky wasn’t blue today so our photos don’t have the gorgeous contrast of the stone against azure blue. We enjoyed fika in the Basma cafe…it’s the one with the blues shutters and little tables outside that caught our eye as the taxi took us into the centre of the old city.

There were many little alleys to wander up and down in. Cute ceramic plaques held the names of the narrow laneways. We eventually figured out that the signs of the zodiac were being used.

Because it was pretty early, 9 o’clock, the shops selling jewellery and art work were closed. However we managed to pop into a Yemenite jewellery maker who was pleased to serve us and took delight in showing the workshop. I do believe that three pairs of gorgeous earrings were purchased by three very discerning customers!

We walked on into the main square and managed to get into St Peter’s Catholic Church. It was closed when we came through the square a couple of days ago. A beautiful ceiling was eye catching.

A market is always interesting and the one we found just off the clock tower square was no exception. Lots of copper pots, clothing, carpets, jewellery and trash and treasure. A couple of shops had some beautiful things that took our fancy.

We decided to try our luck at getting an outside table at Aladin’s restaurant for lunch so we set off with fingers crossed. Sure enough we got the last outside table! A delicious lunch from mixed platters sitting in the sun, over looking the Mediterranean was a perfect lunch.

We took a taxi back to sit and rest up in the hotel foyer for an hour or so then walked up Ben Gurion Boulevard to have a look at the shops and cafes in that area. Sitting in the sun enjoying a beer and watching the bustle of Tel Aviv race by was a good way to spend another hour or so before our transfer arrives. Back to the hotel to freshen up, air drop some photos and write the blog took another hour or so. Nothing to do now but wait! A two hour layover at both Istanbul and Singapore airports and then home. What a great friends abroad trip we’ve had with lots of laughs, wow moments and fabulous memories.

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